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Sydney Meetup - 3c's: Crown Jewels, Communication and Culture

On the 27th of October, the Sydney community came together for the first in-person #CyberRiskMeetup since 2019! Returning and new faces alike enjoyed a night of engaging discussion on the panel's take on the crown jewels, communication and culture.

The importance of identifying your crown jewels in order to protect them was highlighted, with discussions on dilemmas faced in balancing the protection of different crown jewels from different fronts. Various aspects of communication were also dived into, with references made to effective communication to both internal and external stakeholders, in light of recent security breaches in Australia. Struggles faced with building culture were shared as well.

Overall a very insightful night, that would not have been possible without sponsors Tanium and Rubrik, Inc., as well as community supporters MySecurity Marketplace, IBM and Sekuro! Huge thank you to our panellists, Imtiaz Khan, Gemma Kyle and Chris Cruz for sharing your experiences during the highly engaging session, and to Vivienne Mutembwa and Olivia Monteiro for moderating.

Find out more about what went down here.

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