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“How can I get into cybersecurity?”

“What can I do to make the internet a safer place?”

“Why can’t I have a career in cybersecurity?”

“When would be the right time to enter cybersecurity?”


If these thoughts ever crossed your mind, you are not alone! Hello everyone - I am Pooja, and I dealt with similar thoughts many years ago. Then I successfully transitioned to the exciting world of cybersecurity and now I work as APAC Information Security Officer with one of the largest asset management organizations in the world. It’s been a truly incredible journey, and none of this was possible without having good leaders to mentor me all along the way.

            Pooja Shimpi,                                        

Cyber Risk Meetup                               

Global Mentorship Affairs                    


"A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you create."

- Mahatma Gandhi


Introducing “Cyber Risk Meetup Global Mentorship Network”


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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing areas of Information Security with a skills shortage of ~2.7 million professionals globally. ​


The program will have a structured format of one-hour sessions spread over six weeks, and below are few salient features –

  1. Develop OKR (Objectives & Key Results) for mentees – Goal Based Approach

  2. Address concerns or clarify doubts about cybersecurity – Addresses doubts such as “Do I need to be too technical? Is cybersecurity too stressful? Am I really qualified to be in cybersecurity? I am just back from career break; can I still get in?”

  3. Talk about various pathways to cybersecurity – How to get in?

  4. Introduce different areas of expertise within cybersecurity – Relate previous experience or what if no experience?

  5. Provide suggestions on selecting the right roles based on personality types – What’s best for you?

  6. Already in cybersecurity, but would like to grow – “What next?”

  7. Familiarize with various courses and certifications available – Do What’s Right! Don’t get scammed into taking up wrong courses

At the end of this program, you will receive a participation certification in addition to a great deal of knowledge & laser-focused guidance about cybersecurity world. Not to mention, you will also be a part of a fast-growing network of cybersecurity professionals from all around the world.


This mentorship program is open to anyone from anywhere globally, so grab this opportunity right away. Download the mentor participation form/ mentee application form. Complete the form and send it here or message Pooja directly on Linkedin if you are interested in becoming either a mentor or mentee.  UPDATE:  Applications are now closed. GMFC program is officially underway! Read more about it here.


In the Cyber Risk Meetup Mentorship network, we have highly skilled industry experts from cybersecurity, who will make sure every mentee is on the right path to success. Meet our newest cohort of mentors and mentees!

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