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It’s the collab we’ve been waiting for! Our joint community event with Cyber Risk Meetup and the SG CISO Tribe finally came together on the 7th of March evening, hosted by Mastercard at Duo Towers.

Reconnecting and Celebrating: Cyber, AI, Leadership, and International Women’s Day

The year 2024 has kicked off with great momentum as our first event for the year delved into themes across Cyber, AI, Leadership, and International Women’s Day! This meetup offered a unique opportunity to explore these domains, fostering learning and growth through engaging lightning talks and enriching networking sessions.

The night commenced with vibrant energy, as returning and new faces alike reconnected and formed meaningful relationships through the sharing of personal experiences and newfound interests. Aisha Islam from Mastercard and Jason Trampevski from Privasec, a company of Sekuro had the honour of opening the event and setting the scene for the night.   

Meetup preesentation session
Anjum Rahber presenting on lessons learned: Scams and shaping a secure and resilient digital future

Lessons Learned: Global threats and adversaries & Scams

With an incredible lineup of thought leaders, the stories shared were unique and motivational. The community gathering heard from Jason Trampevski on the lessons learned from global threats and adversaries, followed by a thought-provoking session on scams and shaping a more secure and resilient digital future by Anjum Rahber from Mastercard.

Continuous learning: Personal journeys, mentorship and diverse paths to leadership

The panel discussion Daryl PereiraMandeep SedhaRichard L., and Shamane Tan), touched on personal journeys, mentorship, and focusing on the right things that matter, highlighting the diverse paths to leadership. Seeds of inspiration were planted from the panel discussion, leaving the audience to resonate with their stories and understand that we are all on a continuous learning journey.

The panel of speakers at the meetup
Panel left to right: Mandeep Sedha, Daryl Pereira, Shamane Tan, Richard Lau

A standout moment from the evening was the collective feedback from numerous attendees, expressing that the event projected a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The community event gave members the chance to learn, connect with like-minded people, and celebrate personal insights and experiences.

Recognising our community contributors

The night wrapped up with a special surprise for some key cyber leaders from our CXO Tribe receiving limited edition #CISOtribe coins (exclusively designed by Shamane Tan), in recognition of their contributions to the community.

Great start to the year!

We couldn’t ask for a stronger start to the year with the Leadership Diaries event in collaboration with Cyber Risk Meetup & the SG CISO Tribe! It was an honor to kickstart 2024 with such an impactful event that joined the realms of Cyber, AI, Leadership, and the remarkable celebration of International Women's Day.

Until we meet again, Cyber Riskers!

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