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Sydney Meetup – Leadership Matters: Building, Growing, Navigating

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From our recent Singapore meetup focused on Leadership Diaries to our latest event on Leadership Matters, the Cyber Risk Meetup Sydney Chapter continued the exciting journey exploring the world of leadership! 

Event synopsis featuring images of speakers
Event Synopsis

On the 11th of April, the Sydney community reunited at TikTok’s Sydney HQ overlooking the incredible Sydney Harbour Bridge. This special event was an opportunity to bring together the Sydney community for our first quarter meetup in 2024. During the session we delved into the importance of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in the cybersecurity industry.

Unravelling the mysteries of human behaviour decision making and behavioural science

The event kicked off with a powerful keynote address from Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb (Professor of Practice, Behavioural Science and Translational Research, AI and Cyber Futures Institute unravelling the mysteries of human decision making and behavioural science. Although tuning in virtually, Dr Tobias-Webb was able to set the tone for the evening by sparking an engaging conversation on the feeling of exclusion. The audience was encouraged to reflect on times when we may have felt excluded and to share the last time it happened with the person next to us. What a way to lay the groundwork for meaningful discussion throughout the session! 

Keynote session with seated audience and speaker on video conferencing

The keynote continued with a fascinating deep dive into the 4 C’s:

  1. Cues: Prompt behaviour and signal connection

  2. Chafe: Make it easy

  3. Confetti: Don’t forget to find the fun along the way

  4. Challenge: Scrutiny matters!

By understanding the cognitive patterns and human decision making, we were able to gain insight into how the smallest shifts in behaviour can transform lives. This resonated strongly with the audience, as it highlighted the potential for positive improvements in cyber security.

We were thrilled to hear from Dr Tobias-Webb, and our social communications Cyber Risker Jessica Nguyen couldn’t help but fangirl over! An avid true crime podcast listener, Jess recognised Dr Tobias-Webb from the Australian Financial Review’s podcast “The Sure Thing”. If you’re into true crime financial podcasts that focus on behavioural addictions and an almost perfect crime, then this podcast is perfect for you. 

Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within the cyber space

The evening followed on with a panel session featuring industry experts Leron Zinatullin (CISO, Linkly), Katherine Maver (Director, The Diversity Shift), Niamh Cunningham (Global Head of Protective Security, Canva), and Scott Sumner (Inclusive User Experience Manager, Centre for Inclusive Design) moderated by our Sydney Chapter Lead, Vivienne Mutembwa. The panel tackled a variety of topics with unique perspectives that shone a light on fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within the cyber security space.

Panel speakers with seated audience

Some key takeaways included:

  • Shift the dial in the cyber environment by challenging the status quo. Doing so means we can shape our teams to promote a culture of inclusion and leading values. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion are not the same thing. Diversity is a number, inclusion is a process, followed by equity as the outcome. These are all essential for fostering a thriving environment.

  • Data is important! We can use data to rationalise decision making and better understand areas where diversity and inclusion may be lacking. 

  • Accessibility and cyber isn’t regularly talked about. The world of diversity and cyber security is constantly changing, and we need to think about accessible products or services to build a secure and inclusive cyber ecosystem. 

  • Find the next piece of innovation and think about the user base and potential opportunities. There could be a significant number of potential users that are excluded, and we should focus on designing security controls in a way that is useable to strengthen security measures and improve overall resilience. 

  • Be mindful of the language we use in cyber and how it can impact diversity and inclusion. We can make small shifts in behaviour by reaching out to people who are different to us, self-education and holding ourselves accountable to our values.  Being mindful of terminology can help to foster an inclusive environment and drive positive change. 

Panel speakers posing for photo
Panel speakers

Thank you!

The event was filled with engaging discussions, and we really enjoyed this session with the Sydney community! We’d like to thank the amazing TikTok team (VISHAL THAKURBenjamyn WhitemanRobina Jonwisloo) for hosting, Sekuro for sponsoring refreshments, our community supporters MySecurity MarketplaceDevoAvertro, and the entire #cyberriskers community for your participation and support!

Until we meet again, Cyber Riskers!

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