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Do you have great ideas but hold back from expressing your views?

Is your self doubt or fear of rejection refraining you from applying into senior leadership positions?

Have you faced unconscious or conscious bias that has affected your confidence and prevented you from progressing further?

Do you have clarity on your goals, and where in the organization chart or entrepreneurship journey do you visualize yourself?

Are you well aware of your strengths and are working on challenges?

Are you inspired by role models but never had the courage to ask them how they achieved what they did?

Do you think building a personal brand is too tough or have been struggling with imposter syndrome?

“Hello everyone - I am Neha, and I strongly believe that leadership is a mindset and sooner or later, one can achieve what one truly believes in! Though there might be challenges outside, but with the right approach and being well prepared for the next big opportunity, can make a huge difference. A strong believer in collaboration, I am sure that by coming together, sharing our journeys, focusing to address the root cause, building confidence, courage and conviction and empowering each other, we can change the status quo and unleash the potential and power within! Innovating, collaborating, being authentic, humble & empathetic and lifting others up are the most important leadership traits I stand by.”

- Neha Malhotra, Cyber Risk Meetup Women Leadership Empowerment Lead

“Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you.

Let them make you even hungrier to succeed”

- Michelle Obama

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There is compelling evidence that diversity in senior management roles increases organisational performance. But according to a recent report, in Singapore, women hold 21% of senior management roles in corporations while only 8% of corporate board members are women. This is far behind most developed economies where about 15-20% of board members are women. But even these global statistics are way behind and this program aims to help address the diversity gap in leadership roles by addressing some issues that are under our control like confidence and leadership skills.

What is the women leadership empowerment program all about?

This collaborative program aims to be a platform for women across the globe to come together, create connections, collaborate & share valuable experiences and lessons, overcome challenges! With deep and enriching conversations with a great group of women, it seeks to inspire women to become agents of possibility; helping women advance in the workplace and to achieve personal growth. 
What should you have?
A desire to transform and evolve personally and professionally
Passion and drive for growth, support and empowerment in your quest to lead

What can you look forward to?


  • Mastering your confidence

  • Career & growth

  • The path to the C-Suite

  • Inspiration & personal stories in cybersecurity

  • Personal branding

  • Starting/ building your cyber risk career

  • Breaking the glass ceiling

  • Navigating your next steps in your career

  • Survive and thriving during challenging times

  • Unlocking your leadership potential


Drop a message to our Women Leadership Empowerment (WLE) Lead: Neha Malhotra and find out how you can get involved.

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