- Shamane Tan

Founder & Chapter Lead for

Sydney, Melbourne & Singapore

I love our industry! Securing businesses and people is such a noble cause. Although I'm known for my thousand coffees with our different industry leaders, I always have high regard for the extraordinary talent and brilliant minds that we have contributing to this ecosystem. I believe it takes a community to grow a community and Cyber Riskers came about because of a need for the next generation to tap into the knowledge of the previous generation.


Over the years, at our different gatherings, friendships have been forged and when I see how the community has grown in terms of their knowledge, skills and career paths, it gives me so much satisfaction to know that Cyber Riskers is a thriving platform for everyone to benefit from and grow together.

Read more about Shamane at the Founder Page.

- Steven Li

Tokyo Chapter Lead

I believe there is power in community of people with a common goal. The greatest technological advancements in society originated from sharing information with each other. I believe that each of us has something special to give and to learn from others.


I was very fortunate to start my career at one of the biggest banks in Australia with a special group of 100 new graduates. I believe being part of this group of super smart and cool people helped me accelerate my career development. I specialized in Financial Markets Risk, quickly being promoted to Risk Manager.


Everything we do at the Cyber Riskers community is about bringing people and ideas together. We host meetup events, virtual webinars and mentoring programs.


Since moving to Japan I have become Tokyo's most trusted Cyber Security Recruiter.

- Thomas Uehara

Tokyo Lead

I believe every individual has a unique story to share. When we expose ourselves to new technologies and points of views in Cyber Security we become more effective as Cyber Security professionals. I joined Cyber Riskers Tokyo to help build a community with the goal of sharing our unique perspectives and to learn new & interesting things related to Cyber Security.

At the age of 12, I remember telling my mother that I wanted to be a "hacker" and not knowing what it meant, she encouraged me to follow my dreams. When she did find out however, she was quick to change her mind.


I started my career in computer sales and quickly realized that that I wanted to improve my technical skills.  I worked my way through various IT engineering and architecture positions. However I wanted the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge. Reflecting on my 12 year old self. I thought If I can't be a "hacker", I can be someone that protects organization from "hackers".

Currently I am the VP of Cyber Security in a leading global financial firm responsible for providing cyber security strategies to help protect our employees and customers against cyber threats and risks. My mission is to improve the level of Cyber Security maturity in Japan. Will you join me?

- Farrell Tirtadinata

Perth Chapter Lead

I believe in showcasing the amazing talents that we have in cybersecurity and related fields. Having been an early supporter of Cyber Riskers, I am honoured to be able to lead this great initiative in my local home state of Western Australia. My overall goal are in line with the current organisation that I currently work for, to help cybersecurity teams and leaders to be able to elevate their game and be the heroes in the story.


My cybersecurity journey starts in the early days of the Internet, having self-learned a bit of coding and crafty social-engineering experiments during high school, and finishing a Network Engineering degree at Curtin University - it was cybersecurity before it was even called cybersecurity!


From then, my career has taken me through the trenches of tech support/NetOps through to business development of SaaS solutions around innovations, intellectual property, brand protection, and threat intelligence. Managing the solutions with Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies, as well as local and federal governments.


Currently I'm the Business Solutions Director at a venture-backed cybersecurity software company in Australia, focusing on ensuring the platform continues to lead the way in solving the problems we set out to address, and elevating the cyber discussions within organisations globally.

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