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RECAP: Sydney Meetup – Blessings & Curses of Gen AI

Updated: Mar 17

On the 22nd of September, the Sydney community gathered at Tyro’s fintech hub to enjoy an evening discussion on the “Blessings & Curses of Gen AI”. This was a nostalgic night for the OG #cyberriskers who might remember that Tyro hosted one of our very first gatherings back in 2017, what a journey we’ve been on!


Tyro kicked us off with a lightning talk presentation on what exactly is generative AI and how it could be a risk to Cyber Security. It was intriguing to hear about how unknown or unacceptable risks can be unintentionally introduced from the use of Gen AI, but proper governance oversight can strike a balance to maximise the benefits of Gen AI. Tyro wrapped it up with a humorous video on how AI can make statues dance, the perfect way to settle the audience in for a quick networking break!

Lightning talk presenters included: Gemma Dias, Ronnel Moodley, Shress Yogendrappa and Manasseh Paradesi


The audience then heard from an incredible lineup of CISOs, CTO, Head ofs, tech and security leaders on a thought-provoking discussion of their views and experience on Gen AI. It was great to hear about how they use Gen AI in their personal lives for activities such as holiday itineraries, but how it can also be leveraged professionally for routine tasks such as emails and how-to videos.

The panel highlighted the importance of acting now while Gen AI is growing, and to shift the focus on risk framework and controls that organisations should have in place to mitigate these risks that can derive from Gen AI.

Speaker panel left to right: Simona Dimovski, Chirag Joshi , Nivedita Newar, Shamane Tan, and Paul Keen moderator Bella Sattout

Key takeaways:

  • We must think ahead and unravel the attack surface whilst Gen AI and its disruptions to the cybersecurity landscape skyrockets. There are negative impacts if data is not safeguarded but organisations can start with acceptable use policies and mitigating controls.

  • When using Gen AI, it’s important to revise the output and have a security conscious mind when it comes to the language that is inputted. Never trust, always verify!

  • Organisations are quickly embracing the use of Gen AI by automating routine tasks to save valuable time and costs. Using Gen AI for work has also helped with our own personal tasks such as holiday itineraries.

  • Gen AI is changing the way we work, and an example highlighted in the Education institution was the use of AI video generation platforms that can create professional training videos without the use of cameras or actors, and no video editing skills required. Impressive!

The buzz around Gen AI is sure to keep to growing and this is only the beginning!

Thank You!

Thank you to Tyro for an insightful night and our community sponsors Sekuro, Averto and MySecurity Marketplace. We couldn’t have done this without our amazing panellists Shamane Tan, Simona Dimovski, Paul Keen, Nivedita Newar, Chirag Joshi and Bella Sattout as moderator. Special thanks to Tyro for the lightning talk presentation with Gemma Dias, Ronnel Moodley, Shress Yogendrappa and Manasseh Paradesi for taking on the audience questions!

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