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#Adelaide enjoys first Cyber Risk Sundowner

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Adelaide could well be Australia’s most underrated city, with its vibrant food and wine scene, pristine beaches and lush, neighbouring hills.

But what’s most exciting about Adelaide is how it is fast-becoming Australia’s most exciting tech and innovation hub.

It's no wonder we were so excited to bring Cyber Risk Insights to Adelaide for the first time.

On March 23, Cyber Risk Meetup, SA AustCyber and ISACA Adelaide hosted the inaugural Sundowner at the National Wine Centre.

The event featured a stellar panel who shared their insights on the much talked about reforms to the Critical Infrastructure Act.

Pictured: Panellists Debi Ashenden (University of Adelaide), Alex Nehmy (Palo Alto Networks), Gaye Deegan (JCSC), Venu Annam (SA Water) and moderator Paula Oliver (SA AustCyber).

With most of the reforms now well underway or waiting Royal Assent, the timing of this event was on point, having drawn a huge crowd from SA and even our neighbouring states.

It was great to see so much engagement and different perspectives, from the need for organisations to uplift their risk maturity to concerns around third-party software.

But if there was one major takeaway, it’s that organisations of all sizes would be wise to uplift their security and risk maturity – regardless of whether they are considered a critical industry.

The threat landscape is already changing way too fast to keep up with existing challenges, such as the IT skills shortage. That being the case, it’s unlikely regulations will stop anytime soon, and it’s better to be ready than it is to be reactive.

It will be interesting to see how organisations respond to these reforms and what lessons can be gleaned.

What was extremely encouraging was the collaborative spirit of the SA cyber community. The feedback was truly outstanding, and it’s so promising to see such high demand for events that foster the sharing of insights and ideas.

It is exactly this hunger for knowledge and willingness to learn that will help inform stronger decision-making and ultimately bolster our security defences going forward.

As the Adelaide Chapter Lead of Cyber Risk Meetup, I’m excited to see and contribute to more events that bring our cyber community together.

Thanks again to our sponsors and supporters for helping to make this event the highlight it was!

  • Major sponsor: Palo Alto Networks

  • Industry partner: Amazon Web Services

  • Community partners and supporters: Sekuro, Avertro and MySecurity Marketplace.

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