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Cyber Riskers Talk Show 2020 - Sydney

What a great turn out it was last Thursday in Sydney and we really enjoyed seeing so many new faces at the Cyber Risk Meetup. What a turnout and a gathering of more than 110 security professionals. Which is why this makes it all the more meaningful when everyone was happily sharing their feedback on their takeaways after the event.

Julian Claxton's talk on the elephant and the mice was a big hit. Get up to speed now and check out the YouTube recording here: Part One.

Thank you also to Zeynep Soylu, Andrew Wheeler and Amit Chaubey for braving the stage to share their core expertise and insights with the crowd. It was such a night of learning! View the key highlights here: Part Two.

It was also a bonus to be able to donate 100% of the ticket proceeds to the NSW Rural Fire Service, a grand total of $3,217!! Well done Cyber Riskers! Thank you to also to our sponsors, partners and volunteers - truly, the reason why Cyber Risk Meetup continues to run in different states is because it takes a community to build a community.

Read all about it in the Australian Cyber Security Magazine here.

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