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The Cyber Risk Meetup is back! More than 150 participants meet regularly every quarter to hear from esteemed industry panels and our Executive leaders. This time, we have prepared something very special for all our Cyber Riskers members this August. For the first time ever, we have joined forces with Privasec & (ISC)² to bring to you our very first Summit! With the ever changing landscape of our digital world, it is important to continually equip our community with the various aspects of managing Cyber Risks. Cyber Risk can exist in an almost limitless number of forms, ranging from natural disasters, or catastrophic accidental events, to the external malicious and calculated attacks, to even the insider threat or human mistakes.


In this Cyber Risk Meetup's Summit, we will hear from a number of speakers who have taken the time out to share their observations and experiences. RSVP now to avoid missing out!


14 August 2019, Wednesday

5pm to 5.30pm

Demystifying ISMS with Privasec

5.30pm to 6pm
A Beginner's Introduction to Drone Security

#Drone Security Talk

6pm to 6.30pm

Networking & Refreshment

6.30pm to 6.40pm

Cyber Risk Meetup Welcome Opening 


6.40pm to 7.10pm

Keynote: AI in Cybersecurity – Fighting fire with fire

Nathan Hillery

CIO, Law in Order

7.10pm to 7.50pm

Panel Segment

Through the Lens of our Defenders

7.50pm to 8.30pm

Networking continues!


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Mike Monnik

Chief Technology Officer


Romain Rallu



Nathan Hillery

Chief Information Officer

Law in Order


Laura Lees

Head of

Information Security

Link Group

Darren Shearsby


Compass Group

Vivienne Mutembwa


Privasec |

Panel Moderator

Michael Cracroft

Chief Security and Technology Officer

Service NSW



Cyber Risk Meetup








Join the group

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Nathan Hillery originally started his career with Scholastic Australia as a trainee accountant, but quickly found his strength in IT and unofficially became the IT support for the finance department. This quickly led to his first official Desktop Support role with Euro RSCG and rapidly progressed to software engineer, IT Manager and National IT Manager with the growth and success of the company. Moving onto CIO for IPG overseeing 32 media and advertising companies and leading a complete digital transformation. Nathan prides himself on immersing himself in the inertia of the business and industry in order to apply those learnings to better meet the business’s needs.


6 things from Darren Shearsby:

  1. CISO at Compass Australia. Compass are the biggest company you have never heard off. 6th Largest private employer on the plant. Food services giant. You will have eaten our food.

  2. As a community it is vital that we all invest in the next generation of security professionals. I have a graduate intake who are proving that mindset and attitude are the key essentials. Be a mentor.

  3. I believe email is a parasite that has reached its sell by date. Business need to find new ways of working.

  4. I love winning but I'm English (cricket…………ahhhh!!!)

  5. My favourite quote is ‘Information is the gold and fuel. It's what our world runs on.’ - James Glieck, New York Times

  6. Some clients I've worked with in UK and Australia: Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Bank, Westpac, Nationwide, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Everything Everywhere, Lloyds of London, HMCE, Flightcentre, Victoria Police, Diageo, Ministry of Defence, Coffey, SITA, British Airways, Vanderlande, British Airport Authorities, Qantas, Centrica Energy, British Nuclear Fuels. Secret squirrel stuff.

Michael Cracroft is a highly motivated and enthusiastic leader, committed to driving reform in IT culture, process and technology. He has successfully led an enterprise-class cloud transformation program with one of the most remarkable teams in Government, transitioning 6 NSW Government data-centres to AWS in 18 months for NSW Department of Industry. As a CSTO for Service NSW, he will provide technical strategy and cyber risk management across a diverse and rapidly evolving organisation. Their aim is to deliver outstanding customer experience through high quality, products and services. He has a strong interest in all things Agile/DevOps and believe that speed to deliver great services to market is founded upon a commitment to quality, ownership and collaboration. 

Mike Monnik leads the RED and DroneSec streams in Melbourne for Privasec. Mike works on offensive and defensive drone operations, Counter-UAS systems and research. He earned the nickname ‘chef’ after landing a job as a chef on a red team engagement once.


Vivienne Mutembwa is a Consultant with Privasec. Prior to joining Privasec, she acquired experience across the EMEA and Australian markets in the information technology research field, covering both public and private sectors. In this time Vivienne’s work involved generating in-depth conversations backed by research and data, whilst providing recommendations to assist decision makers to make informed information technology related decisions.


Her areas of interest include emerging technologies, cyber security, IT risk management, international approaches to economic analysis and policy development. Vivienne holds a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Economics. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in outdoor challenges including Tough Mudder.

Privasec is a leading provider of Cyber Security Services to Government, Financial Services, Retail, IT, Health, Entertainment and Not-for-Profit sectors. Privasec GRC are the specialists in Governance, Risk and Compliance including ISO 27001, IRAP Assessments and PCI DSS. Privasec RED are leaders in Red Team Attack simulations, Physical Intrusions, Theft simulations, Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT), Social Engineering, Phishing and Drone Security. We believe in partnering with our customers and building long-lasting relationships, integrity and care. We build our success on trust and are completely vendor agnostic. We hold numerous accreditation and are ISO27001:2013 certified. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, we are on several State and Federal Government panels. More about Privasec: Website

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