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Your career is a strategy game. Why not learn from the best in the Cyber Security industry?

Welcome to the 2021 Cyber Riskers Mentoring Program. I decided to create this program because I personally have experienced enormous benefits from having a mentor. She helped me identify the certifications I needed to study to take my career to the next level. Shortly after I received a promotion and 30% pay rise. Come join me on the journey to take your career to the next level. 

Steven Li, Tokyo Chapter Lead


Register Here

Key Dates

  • Applications close: March 15th

  • Program Begins: April 1st 

  • Program Ends: Sep 30th 

How it works

  • Be part of a network of high performing peers and mentors

  • 30 minute monthly calls with your mentor

  • 45 minute (three) group workshops with mentees & guest mentor

Who is the Program for 

Participants must be working in Cyber Security or have a strong passion for Cyber Security. Backgrounds such as Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) or DevOps are welcomed.

* Participants must live in Japan.

* Target: under 35 years old

Hear from our 2020 Graduates

  • I learnt what's important to management & how to present information in a powerful way to inspire action from management.

  • I learnt how to communicate how security impacts the business using information that the business cares about.

  • I can clearly see my career path which motivates me to continue learning new technologies. 

  • I learnt how important it is to communicate critical cyber security topics to non-technical audiences.

  • I learnt how to think like a manager and be confident to ask for help in developing my skills.

Check it out: Featured in the Cybersecurity Magazine.

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