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Welcome to the Virtual edition of the Cyber Risk Meetups. Hear from industry panels and Executive leaders.

We believe information sharing is key to combating against the common cyber threat we face. Missed out on previous episodes? Check out our Youtube page.

Tokyo EP 1
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Ever wonder how people get promoted into Leadership positions? 

From my experience Technical skills alone aren’t enough to get you promoted

So what’s missing?

Don’t miss out on this special episode hearing Veres's leadership journey to CISO. Hear about the change in leadership & business mindset required to be successful.

Robert Veres is CISO for ORIX Corporation. His experience across technical, consulting, sales, and operational aspects of security—as well as architecting security strategies and working with a broad range of cultures in a number of geographies—has given Veres insights into effective ways of bringing together a diversified set of capabilities towards the goal of security transformation.

#Episode 10:

CISO Advice: Why people don't succeed in their career

Friday 15 Jan 2021 (45 mins), 12.00pm JST

Robert Veres Orix - CISO

Robert Veres.jpg

#Episode 8:

Cyber Security Modernization & Digital Empathy

16 Oct 2020 (45 mins), 12.00pm JST

Tim Manley Microsoft - Cyber Security Architect

Tim Manley.jpg

Tim Manley is a Cyber Security Architect for Microsoft’s Cyber Security Center of Excellence focusing helping customers on their cyber security modernization journey. Mr. Manley has been working in cyber security in Japan for over 25 years providing security leadership to top tier Global 500 organizations in defense, automotive, cloud computing, and finance industries. During his career he has served in executive roles including CISO, Global Head of Cyber Security Architecture and Operations, VP Global Penetration Testing, VP Endpoint Security, and as a Criminal Investigator.​


In this 45-minute edition, Cyber Risk Meetup Tokyo Chapter host Steven Li will have Tim Manley share his insights and experiences working in cyber security for over two and a half decades, exploring the importance of digital empathy in cyber security and providing you with a roadmap to successful implement a cyber security modernization strategy.​

Tokyo EP 2

#Episode 6:

 Zero Trust and where to start?

21st Aug 2020 (45 mins), 12.00pm JST

Kowsik Guruswamy CTO, Menlo Security

Kowsik Guruswamy.jpg

#Episode 5:

Managing Cloud Security with IAM and Infrastructure as Code

29th July 2020 (45 mins), 12.00pm JST

Kowsik Guruswamy is CTO of Menlo Security. Previously, he was co-­founder and CTO at Mu Dynamics, which pioneered a new way to analyze networked products for security vulnerabilities. Prior to Mu, he was a distinguished engineer at Juniper Networks. Kowsik joined Juniper via the NetScreen/OneSecure acquisition where he designed and implemented the industry's first IPS. He has more than 15+ years of experience in diverse technologies like security, cloud, data visualization, and computer graphics. Kowsik has 18 issued patents and holds an MSCS from University of Louisiana.


In this special chat we ask Kowsik to help us understand:

  1. What is the Zero Trust Concept?

  2. What are some challenges to implementing Zero Trust approach and practices such as Browser Isolation?

  3. How can we empower users with zero trust security controls that still allow them to be productive?

Hosted by Tokyo Meetup chapter lead Steven Li and Thomas Uehara. 

Eric Evans is a Senior Cloud Security Consultant at ScaleSec , specializing in Cloud Security for both AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Eric has over a decade of IT experience. Most recent experience in Software Engineering, DevSecOps, and Cloud Security. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the CyberSecurity Non-Profit (CSNP), a global nonprofit organization that provides free and accessible security education (

Eric Evans

Senior Cloud Security Consultant

Eric Evans.png


In this special virtual episode, We explore two important security concepts in Cloud Security. Namely Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and how these two topics are extremely important in comparison to traditional ways of thinking about security. Eric will explain how the combination of knowing how to create a robust IAM strategy in the cloud following the principles of least privilege, and the adoption of IaC to deploy cloud infrastructure and policies is the most effective way to manage risk in the cloud. Hosted by Tokyo Meetup chapter lead Steven Li

Robin Birtle has been responsible for the secure delivery of web applications within Japanese companies for over 20 years. As head of the Information Security Control department within ORIX Corporation he leads security programs within ORIX globally. He has previously held positions at IBM, Reuters and GE Capital.

#Episode 4:

What to expect when running a vulnerability management program

8th July 2020 (40 mins), 12.00pm JST |

1.00pm AEST


In this special virtual episode, Robin will share lessons learnt running vulnerability management programs, explain why patching is more a logistical challenge than a technical one and address the issues that often arise within Japanese companies. Hosted by Tokyo Meetup chapter lead Steven Li

Robin Birtle

Head of Information Security Control Department


#Episode 3:

Shift Left Security... The Shift of Code Centric Cyber Security [DevOps Special]

23rd June 2020 (40 mins), 12.00pm JST |

1.00pm AEST

Dean Houari is Head of DevSecOps for Asia Pacific at Check Point Software. Leading the architecture and strategy for DevOps and Cloud Native Security for Check Point solution and with Open Source Forums. Have over 20 years of experience at F5 and Cisco and hold a patent in the Cisco Switching architecture.

Avid powerlifter with a total of 660KG

Dean Houari

APAC Head of DevSecOps

Dean Houari.jpg


With the evolution of application workloads from physical servers to Serverless Functions directly running in the cloud at DevOps speed, the traditional security model is no longer adequate. A seismic shift to the cybersecurity is taking place with the rise of Code Centric Cloud Native Security.

We will explore the driving forces and solutions behind securing applications while they are being built and deployed at Cloud speed! Hosted by Tokyo Meetup chapter lead Steven Li

Giuseppe Kobayashi is an internationally experienced cybersecurity executive advisor. He is a leading expert in; helping international vendors enter the Japanese market, turning around businesses struggling in Japan, helping Japanese companies expand overseas in the USA, Singapore and Australia. He has previously held Chief Strategy Officer roles in Accenture, Symantec and Fire eye.

#Episode 2:

How Japan can benefit from a National Cyber Security Agency

9th June 2020 (30 mins), 11.00am JST |

12.00pm AEST | 10.00am SGT


In this special virtual episode, Giuseppe Kobayashi (Cyber Security Investor and Advisor) joins us to share his Cyber security perspective on the relationship between Japan's public and private sector. In this 30 minute edition, Cyber Risk Meetup Tokyo Chapter host Steven Li will get Giuseppe to share how Japan will benefit from establishing a National Cyber Security Agency.

Giuseppe Kobayashi

Cybersecurity Executive


G Kobayashi.jfif

#Episode 1:

When Your Company is Breached, What You Need to Know Legally

3rd June 2020 (60 mins), 12.00pm JST |

1.00pm AEST | 11.00am SGT

Scott Warren is a Partner in Squire Patton Boggs' Data Privacy & Cybersecurity practice in Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Warren has been working on digital data and data breach issues in the region for over 25 years, with over half of those years working in-house for Sega and Microsoft. He sits on the Executive Board of The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace ( and is a Certified International Counter-Cybercrime Professional.

Scott A. Warren 

Partner; Secretary, Executive Board, POLCYB

Scott Warren3.jpg


In this special virtual episode, We will explore how companies across the globe and in Japan are being impacted by data breaches legally, how trade secrets are at risk, some of the major laws and themes impacting your response, and provide you a strategy to prepare. In this 60 minute edition, Cyber Risk Meetup Tokyo Chapter host Steven Li will get Scott to share the legal side of dealing with data breaches.

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