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Welcome to the Virtual edition of the Cyber Risk Meetups. Hear from industry panels and Executive leaders.

We believe information sharing is key to combating against the common cyber threat we face. Missed out on previous episodes? Check out our Youtube page.

Tokyo EP 1
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Ever wonder how you can automate incident response in the cloud? Incident Response automation is a unique feature that on-premise assets cannot do.


Let's discuss:

- How your Cloud environment is already getting breached.

- What are some of the challenges to incident response in the cloud?

- How does using event-oriented architecture in the cloud work with other security controls to reduce risk?

Eric Evans is a Principal Cloud Security Consultant at ScaleSec , specializing in Cloud Security for both AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Eric has over a decade of IT experience. Most recent experience in Software Engineering, DevSecOps, and Cloud Security. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the CyberSecurity Non-Profit (CSNP), a global nonprofit organization that provides free and accessible security education (

#Episode 11:

Project Lockdown: How to protect your cloud environment from being breached

Friday 26 Feb 2021 (45 mins), 12.00pm JST

Eric Evans Principal Cloud Security Consultant

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Youtube video links below. More information on previous episodes here

Tokyo EP 2
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