The Cyber Risk Meetup is back! This time, we have joined forces with the DevSecOps meetup and we are presenting something very special this October. True to the two different meetup flavours, we have prepared a special speaker lineup for our members. There will be ample opportunity for networking and you can expect to have diverse conversations and perspectives when we bring together the technologists from the DevSecOps meetup and the business, executives and cyber risk leaders from the Cyber Risk Meetup. 


22nd October 2019, Tuesday

6pm to 6.30pm

Networking & Refreshments

6.30pm to 6.35pm

Welcome opening and introduction

6.35pm to 6.45pm

10 mins Special on CISO Insights +

Opportunity to win an autographed Cyber Risk Leaders book prize!

6.45pm to 7.15pm

The Role of Cybersecurity in Scaling DevOps

7.15pm to 7.45pm

New Approaches to Achieve Automated AI-based Threat Protection

7.45pm to 8pm


8pm tp 8.30pm

The Networking Continues


Shobhit Nanda

Technical Program Manager

Cloud/ Cybersecurity, Enterprise IT

Topic: The Role of Cybersecurity in Scaling DevOps

Tim Blombery

A10 Networks Speaker

Topic: 'New Approaches to Achieve Automated AI-based Threat Protection'

Shamane Tan

Executive Advisor APAC



Cyber Risk Meetup






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Talk Summary:

The only certainty in an uncertain world –  with the dramatic increase in multi-vector attacks and the chronic shortage of qualified security professionals, the economics of cyber attacks are very much slanted in favour of the attackers. Digital-first businesses need more efficient tools and advanced technologies to balance that equation.  They need intelligently automated defenses that can accomplish tasks autonomously.  Manual interventions are not only resource-intensive but too slow and ineffective, resulting in a greater potential of network downtime and high cost to the organisation. 

Tim Blombery, the A10 Networks speaker will further discuss:

·  Ways IoT-based attacks have forced changes in DDoS defense strategies

·  Mitigation strategies that prevent collateral damage against real users

·  How Threat Intelligence can go from informational to actionable

·  How machine learning can be used to dynamically identify anomalous behaviour

·  Ways to have a fully automated and adaptive attack mitigation posture

Tim Blombery is Sales Manager for ANZ with A10 Networks. He is focused on aligning technology, partners and products to ensure A10 Networks’ customers benefit from the best solutions. Tim brings over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, including a variety of technical roles with leading vendors, service providers and enterprises.  Over this time, Tim has honed his skills in Networking and Cybersecurity with a focus around DDoS detection and mitigation, encryption and application networking.

Shobhit Nanda, the speaker representative from the DevSecOps meetup will share his knowledge on Devops delivery, the role of platform product teams and how cybersecurity can play a crucial role in scaling devops in Enterprise IT.

From Consulting at a global Big 4 across multiple industry sector, to working at a startup, to working in Enterprise IT, Shobhit has worked across the breath and depth of IT project delivery. 

Shamane Tan's newly published book Cyber Risk Leaders explores the art of communicating with executives, tips on navigating through corporate challenges, and reveals what the C-Suite looks for in professional partners. In this snippet talk, she will be revealing a few CISO insights for those who are interested in learning from top industry leaders.

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